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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Crazy neighbour house #3.....

We always seem to be stuck with weird arse neighbours. None of the here's a cake -welcome to the neighbourhood type neighbours. I want cake dammit. I don't want weird arse any more. Actually we did have one set of great neighbours in house #2. I want to have them cloned.

The latest neighbour seems to think they own our driveway, well at least the portion of it that sits next to their little strip of council grass in front of their house. WEIRD? Yes!  You're probably wondering how I know they want to dictate our driveway- they move our bin. Uh huh, it sits on the left side of the drive waiting patiently for collection and every bin morning it has been moved to the right side of the drive way.

Now one things for sure, when its on the left it actually hurts no one. Its not  near their drive way or any in way obstructs their day to day living (or constant worry about my bin placement obviously) SO why do they move it?

I have emailed Council, to arm myself with relevant facts should they move on from moving my bin to nasty irate knocks at the front door. We have had that in the past from crazy neighbour at house #2 and its not fun.

So I wait, it could be a long one. Council can take 10 days to answer an email. There is another bin night in between now and then. Next week the bin will sit on our drive on the left. Next week I will awake to it on the right I am sure. It is petty I know,but until they grow some and explain why our bin on our driveway upsets their feng shui, its stays on the left. Two can play at this game,right?!

Follow up to follow....happy trails....

Friday, 16 November 2012

The four year old prattle..

My four year old is soon to be turning 5. He has suddenly gone from a sweet natured toddler to an opinionated young boy. I know it happens, my eldest did the same. Ironically his fav song at the moment is sweet sour by band of skulls- its fitting

Cue the "oh mum,seriously" comments!

All I want is a T Rex that looks like a T Rex!

Apparently my drawing wasn't up to scratch? Cue this boyo, I'm no Picasso..
For the record I think my drawing is Archibald a go go!
And the constant "ollie I've told you to listen, why don't you listen?"

My favourite at the moment though is when we are about to head out and I get the cool calm and collected- lets rock and roll!

Kids and the things they say. I have to laugh or else my head would explode.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Chicken dumplings....

Oh my! Dumplings of goodness yes indeed. So I had a hankering for dumplings after watching a cooking show on Foxtel. You know how cooking shows always make things look so easy? Well bingo, these were!

I Couldn't believe how simple, yet tasty these little morsels were.

So what's included you ask?

Wanton skins. Easily found at Asian grocers
Chicken or pork mince- 300g
Splash of light soy
Splash of fish sauce
Two French shallots or spring onions cut finely
Sprinkle of white pepper
Pinch of salt
Splash of rice wine
Handful of coriander chopped
Handful of mint chopped
1/2 egg white
Egg yolk to bind skins

So basically add all of the above to a bowl- apart from egg yolk- keep that aside to stick the skins when wrapping.

Once combined well- take a skin and place it on your palm. Add a small amount of the mix. Dab egg yolk around the edges and fold towards the middle making sure edges are stuck and the mix contained!

I used square skins. If you find round ones they can be simply folded over and crimped.

Grab your steamer. Lightly grease it so the wontons dont stick. Pop over boiling water and wait. In 8-10 mins these babies are good to go! Serve with soy or chilli dipping sauce.

You're guaranteed to flip over these. Look like a pro and serve them to your friends :-)

If you're after a naughty aspect they can also be shallow fried!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Waterland. Fun in the sun...

Friday was warm and Waterland was open! First off the bat, it's cheap! Cheap entry and that means cheap fun. I spent less than $20 for over two hours of solid fun in the sun entertainment!

We had the place to ourselves almost.
Lots of safe toddler pools and splashing fun was had.

If you're in Perth, get there!

Maylands Waterland

Monday, 5 November 2012

Twice cooked Chicken....

I did twice cooked chicken over the weekend, and it was again super easy. I totally forgot to take a pic, we must have been busting to eat!

SO....... go to the Drunken chicken all of that and then slice up the breasts...Make a little salt n ginger topping in your trusty mortar and pestle and set aside. I did chilli only because I didnt have fresh ginger!

Dust the slices in some rice flour. If you have not discovered rice flour yet-DO IT! Best non floury flour out there. Not gluggy, not heavy and definitely NOT floury tasting.... so once you have marvelled, dust away.

Then grab yourself some grape seed oil...uh huh, gets hot but doesnt soak things. A little goes along way.

Get your wok hot and shallow cook the dusted pieces of chicken (hence making them twice cooked!) it only takes a moment.

Serve up with the salty topping made earlier-and some veg and you have a new dish made out of a previous one! Yay for doubling up in every sense!

Friday, 2 November 2012

Seafood...yes we did...

I love seafood. Any seafood. Bar snapper, Snapper I will not eat after a very bad experience.

Anyhoo, smoked salmon and prawns,what a delightful combination.

Now just to calm peoples cholesterol levels, this is not the unhealthy cream beast is portrays to be!
Plus you can omit or add and not detract from the over all flavour combo. 

serves 2

1 packet of smoked salmon (you can buy salmon especially for cooking now,someone heard my prayers)
1 cup of prawns( I don't always add,but had them handy)
1 large leek
1 bunch of brocolini
1 cup of peas (if anyone hasn't guessed yet,green veg are my favourite)
250 grams of Penne pasta ( I think a think spaghetti would be prettier on the plate but hubby prefers penne)
Salt n Pepper to taste. I combine ground white pepper and cracked black pepper
1/2 cup vege stock
4 dollops Sour light cream
1 fresh lime-juice and rind grated finely.
Fresh Mint
Fresh Dill (omit if your name is Leanne)

Boil and cook your pasta according to the packet or until you can chuck it at your splash back and make it stick.

Fry off the Leek in a little Olive oil, add your veggies,seasoning and cook until your desired crunch is left.
Add Salmon
Dollop your sour cream and stir just before serving. Once your pasta is drained,keeping aside a little of the water,add the pasta and the splash of water to the mix and fold through.
Stir through mint and dill 
Parmesan to taste.

NOW, if the Light sour cream is not your thing-mix it up a little. Use the Philly cream for cooking. OR omit dairy all together for the lactose challenged among us and splash a little Olive oil through the mix before serving! If you can find a lemon infused oil,you'll be in heaven :)

Go your hardest, this has little prep and even less cooking time involved...definitely one for the nights everyone has sports practice!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Sites of Scitech.....

Today we went to Scitech...wowsers! I dragged my 3 and 4 year old with me. To be honest it was me that wanted to go. They didn't have a clue what it was really about. Can't say the same when we left though. There was a myriad of things to touch/smell/hit/press/look at.

This was in the small children's section-Discovery Land. A bubble machine that lit up! All the fun of bubbles with out the sticky mess. W.I.N!

Giant puzzles,all things fishy!

Infrared Camera! It was way cool but a little freaky at the same time. Border Security anyone?

My advice,if you ever visit Perth put Scitech on your wish list. You won't be disappointed.