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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Tights and undies on the outside...........

Do you have some one you'd happily pull out all stops to help? Go to the ends of the earth for? Ok maybe not travel quite that far,but you get my drift. I'm not talking about a partner or family,that's a no brainer in most instances. I'm talking about a friend, a bestie, a BFF!

I consider myself lucky, I have more than one who I would have no hesitation in helping if they called upon me. I wouldn't care how big or small the problem, they only need call and I would be there in a flash, in fact I could give a superhero a run for their money in speediness stakes.

Having a friend who is not happy is not on my list off things to just watch and let go. So capes and tights go on! Okk maybe not tights with the undies on the outside look, but I'd happily don a cape and a glittery mask!

Listening with out judgement, crying with them, laughing with them, having copious amounts of tissues on hand.

Life long friendships are not always flowery and fun. The hard yards crop up every now and then and its in those moments you realise who you would save in an instant if given the chance.....

Do you have a friend you'd save without hesitation?

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Flying High, Rex style

My husband does a bit of travel for work...normally just overnighters. I know of some women who cringe at the thought of their husbands going away.. Not me. I like the me time, slightly selfish but who doesn't?  

I don't cook when he is away....before anyone cries "what about the children?" The children get fed, I just don't cook husband worthy meals. 
I get to watch what ever I like on tv, and even take charge of the remotes for the night. The volume button doesn't go above 14! Crazy huh!

He normally sends a text when he lands, so it was no surprise when one came through....although this time I laughed...a real LOL..

"got here safely,although it was a bit like flying high" arghhhh apart from being one of my favourite movies of all time, he didnt elaborate.... flying high is funny, but has a serious message too....planes crash..

He flies into a regional area..we are talking a 30min trip if that. That doesnt stop the service though,and it seems Rex goes all out to make sure that beverage is served. On his last trip there was a lot of turbulence. This isnt uncommon in a small plane. On this day there was more than the norm.....He told me he was sitting up the back (rebel status!) and as the stewardess was making her way down the "I can just fit down the aisle as long as I dont breathe out" aisle the bumps picked up a notch! 

Everyone that has flown knows its tricky walking in a plane at the best of times. Pretty sure that's why they have small aisles,it acts like a buffer zone to bounce off.

The bumpity bump bump got the better of the stewardess and whilst she tried to diligently do her job, even to the point of pushing the drinks cart on her knees, she had to eventually abandon post and cancel service...much to the dismay of my husband who had been patiently watching her struggle with the cart.

Today he flew off again, and messaged that the flight had been fine,no first response "oh good, you got your beverage then?" 

He played it safe,and opted for drinks and bumps dont fair well ;)

Thank goodness they didnt serve the fish............

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Going against the trend

This picture has been floating around facebook. I am going to go against the trend and disagree to a point. Crazy,just plain silly of me? Yes and yes!
I admit I like crocs, ok so I dont own a pair at the moment, But I used to. They are THE best comfort shoe to ever be invented. My children live in them, I think between them they have about 6 pairs. My youngest especially loves his crocs, and takes wearing them to a whole new level. 95% of the time  they are on the wrong feet-Now tell me another shoe you can comfortably wear on the wrong feet??!!! You can't,because crocs are the ultimate squishy rubbery mould to your feet kinda shoe.

What other shoe can you take a morning walk by the beach type shoe to tackling the over grown jasmine in the garden without once taking them off......and if you get the annoying bits of sand or dirt in them, never fear you just hose those babies out!

Ok so they might not look great in an adult size,kind of like wearing a tyre on your foot, but as a kids shoe,super cute! I would be happy to say what a nice looking pair of crocs you have on....bucking the trend on ugliness!!

Rejoice and embrace a great invention,and if you really want praise for your selection, grab an accessory to bling those babies into NOW!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Remembering forgetful moments.....

We have all had them, days where you wake up and you know its going to be a Barry Crocker Shocker! Its the old, "got up on the wrong side of the bed moment" which for me could be any morning really. I still have one sneaky monkey who likes the midnight raid into our bed. I wouldn't mind if he didn't move once there, but he is one of these children who turns into a wriggly worm when asleep!

3 in the bed and the little one said, roll over, roll over plays in my head when I suddenly feel his little body bunker down in the space between my husband and I. I secretly love the fact he wants us in the middle of the night. One day he is going to be turning up his nose at the mere thought of me glancing at him, so while it lasts, I put up with it.

Sleep is often interrupted though. And a lot of mornings are foggy, and that is with out the aid of a night cap!

I admit I am not a morning person, never have been, never will be.....Night owl all the way "hoot!" but this habit does not favour well after having children and some days the self inflicted sleep deprivation takes it toll.

I forget things sometimes.... im sure we all do? Seemingly simple tasks need a degree to make them happen....IE. sending of a birthday pleased I remembered the date! I thought a few days later, card made-check, card sent-check, voucher included-check...all good.....Nope it wasn't all good...I had sent the card and voucher and completely forgotten to write in the said card! How embarrassment! Especially as I get a thank you phone call,and clarification that I didn't write in the card...

I've also had a positive forgetful moment. Nappies, they have been on my shopping list for years,you'd think by now it was so engrained I would be buying them long after we even needed them! My last baby was nearing toilet training and in the back of my mind all I could think of was happy times...more pee on the floor, but happy times. For a week I forgot to buy nappies, we were low and only had a pull up here and there left in the house. On a Saturday morning I went to change my son,and you guessed it, not a nappy to be found. EVERY single bag that has ever ventured out of the house was searched....nothing,nada zilch!

The positive after the panic, was last baby was growing up,and NOW!

I can laugh about it now. But I do hope this isn't a fore warning about further forgetful moments...

PS.....forgetting nappies worked a treat, he has been in jocks ever since and going great guns! it might not work for everyone, but I suggest a foggy morning to forget what you're doing to move on and upwards!