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Monday, 27 February 2012

The day you wished the world would swallow you up...

Everyone has had them, although I am sure some dare to admit it...  The days where your children are set from the moment they wake, until the time they go to sleep,to make your day as difficult as possible! Not always difficult in the naughty sense. Some days can be difficult because they are like sponges,exploring their new world and sucking it all in!

I admit I am vocal,and it seems that this trait has somewhat rubbed off on my children. On one hand the endless questions are great. How can you learn if you do not ask?
On the other hand it can land you into tricky water, where treading for hours seems the only option.

On one such day I was taking my eldest shopping, he was about 3.5yrs old at the time and just toilet training. I make sure I ask the children before going out if they need the toilet. Lets face it it saves trying to do the public toilet dance when out.
We had travelled  almost the entire supermarket with out a care. I start a trend early on, dont ask for anything and you might receive. The majority of the time we have left the shop before they remember they didn't ask ;)

I had just started going through the checkout,and mind you it was one of those shops where the trolley was pretty full, so it wasnt going to be a 5 min scan pack pay and go go go scenario.
Suddenly a loud voice jolts me back from reality. MUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMM I NEED TO DO A POOH!!!!!

I'm thinking oh dear hurry up chicky,lets get a move on, my kid is going to burst! Its a little bit embarrassing hearing them scream, but even more so when they yell again, MUUUUUUUUUUMMMMM ITS COMING OUT!
No amount of coaxing my child into waiting was going to work, I stammered a quick so sorry we will be back and ran, with child to the nearest toilet.
Needless to say the results were not pretty and I was determined to NOT take those jocks home with me, so they were wrapped and popped in the bin, much to the horror of my child........

At the time I could have been swallowed up with after number three,and training again, I couldnt care less what they yelled. I do know though I would be beating down doors to make sure they sat their tiny bottom square on a toilet though!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Parental supervision tip #562

I admit I let my children play outside....hard to believe isn't it! They could instead be inside becoming a statistic in the world of tv and video games! Sometimes I only remember to check on them when it is too quiet...  But a simple lack of parental supervision has resulted in breakage. Nothing that can't be fixed hopefully,but the ramifications could have been worse. Henry is an honest soul, and can't go past telling me if he has done something wrong......

"Mum,sorry I have just broken the cubby house roof" I asked him how,and why was he climbing on the roof in the first place....

"Well, its a sunny day,but Ollie thought it was raining so I had to climb onto the roof to see if it was raining, and then the roof just pushed itself down. I think I was too heavy!"

ok so admission also leads to blame...this is common and normally leads into amazing details of how why and when!

I have told him he will need to let Daddy know its broken, he has frankly told me he wont,but will tell Daddy that if he can find really long nails in the shed, he can fix it!

The joys of boys...... and in reality its probably my fault for not being a helicopter parent this morning!

poor little verandah. I hope for Henry's sake hubby does have really long nails in the shed!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Imagine there was no TV

I think we are moving on to another phase.....I did a daring thing today. I un subscribed from the Wiggles! To be honest it felt quite liberating. No more hot potato in this house,and no emails to remind me of it either.

My youngest boys had a lovely day, the tv was off (sooooooooo quiet) and they put their heads together and made up a game. I sat back quietly listening. I didn't want to interrupt for fear they would stop. I spied on them and watched them being transported to another place.

For a good 20 mins they were magicians performing a magic show!! Ladies and Gentlemen,Boys and Girls...taking turns being the Magician and being in the audience. Clapping and supportive of each other.

 It was very professional indeed! Who ever said you need a big audience to make someone listen.....?

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

I have pins and noodles...

All of my children are quite animated,and I love it! I couldnt imagine a quiet house or no sense of humour to bounce around. They all 'get' jokes and try hard to create their own for fits n giggles. My middle child is sometimes in a league of his own. His thought processes are quite long winded,what will start out as a simple story soon turns into a monologue of 4 year old insights,...

Children say the funniest things! I can be in stitches listening to my children converse with each other.

For example, the other day in the car.... and whilst on that, the things they see from a car window?! whoa the commentary is astounding some days..

So he starts by asking what those words are.... dear child of mine who is sucking up knowledge faster that a dredging pump, Mummy is driving, and reading signs attributed to driving, I cant have any way of knowing what words you're talking about...
Why did the man at the bus stop have a hat on? What man,what bus stop? ohhh he has asked the question after passing said bus stop.... sweetie,im not sure,perhaps its the man's favourite hat!
How do you make the number 12... oh child prodigy, you ask so many clever questions.... 1 and a 2 darling. At which point my eldest decides to confuse him a little.... 5+7, or 10+2, or two sixes! I cut in, he is recognising what the numbers look like, not adding other numbers together!

A 20min car ride becomes a lesson in alot of things most days...and before getting out of the car my 4 year old states. Oh no, ill have to sit here for a while, I have pins and noodles.....