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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

In the spirit of giving .....The WINNER is?

I love giving gifts, who doesnt?! Buy wrap deliver. I totally could have done the FC gig-if I was magic and had elves to help.

So because I am also a little nutty and totally forgot that I had already bought a 2013 Diary for next year I am giving one away. I dont need two. I do need a better memory!

You can find an example here. Kikki-K Red leather Diary

So tomorrow I will announce a winner. Could it be you? Good luck and get organised in style!

Disclaimer- This is in no way affiliated nor endorsed by facebook. I'm just feeling generous!

TRUDI ALLISON-Congratulations, One RED Kikki-K diary is all yours!

Phew that was mammoth! Lots of names/shares to go through :)

Please email me on with your address details.

Thank you to all that entered. There will be another giveaway in the new year!

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2013!

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Choc Chip-Yes please....

This has to be one of the easiest recipes I have ever found- Courtesy of Donna Hay

Chocolate Chip Cookies. The mere thought of baking sweets sometimes sends me in to the corner and rocking. I am just not great with sweets. These however will have you jumping for joy and sending in entry forms for all the cooking shows-You will be your own master(Chef)

1 cup (175g) brown sugar
3/4 cup (165g) white sugar ( I used only a half  cup and they were plenty sweet enough)
150g unsalted butter
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 egg
1 1/2 cups of plain flour (all purpose),sifted
1/2 teaspoon of salt ( I omitted as I used salted butter)
1/2 teaspoon of baking powder,sifted
400g of chopped chocolate ( I cheated and used a packet of cadbury buds)

preheat oven to 160C (325F) Place the brown and white sugars,butter and vanilla into an electric mixing bowl and beat for 8-10mins or until pale and creamy. Add the egg beating well to combine. Add the flour and baking powder and beat on low speed until a dough forms.
Fold through the chocolate chips. Roll a large teaspoon into a ball, place on to a lined baking tray and flatten slightly. They spread quite a bit,so allow for growth!
Cook for 17-20mins or until golden. They will feel soft to touch whilst hot, but will harden on cooling.

Catch me if you can, I'm the chocolate (Wo)man! Take the dare, make some!

Keen as Mustard, Singapore Style

Who likes Singapore Noodles? Hands up in the air!

We love them. Besides the obvious ease of cooking and taste factor, you can pack alot of veggies into these which makes a very nutritious one pot wonder. This is my version adapted from various recipes.

So here we go. Serves 4

1 packet of thin egg noodles
Sesame Oil
Light Soy Sauce
Brown Sugar
Kecap Manis


Chicken Breast X 2

Chop the chicken breast into bite size pieces. Cook them off in the wok in a little sesame oil. Whilst you're doing this pop some water on to boil in readiness for the noodles. Once boiled add Noodles and cook according to packet directions

Once your chicken is cooked through, add a splash of water and 2 teaspoons of  Keen's Curry powder. Mix until the chicken is coated. Add a decent splash of Light Soy and a tablespoon of brown sugar. Add a splash of Lime and stir through. 
Now add your Veg. Making sure all are coated and mixed well. Cook until you have your desired crunch factor.

Drain noodles and add to the wok, Mix well with the other ingredients. Just before serving add a good dollop of Kicap Manis and mix through.

Serve. Eat. Enjoy.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Bad Wifey ....

My Hubby's birthday was in Oct. I wasn't here (in Perth) to organise a present from us. I thought I would worry about one when we got here a few days later. Worry is right....

First things first- I LOVE Internet shopping, seriously the best thing since sliced bread.Ok so the credit card being compromised once wasn't fun,but generally speaking landing a package on your door step(especially if you have forgotten ordering it) is great :)

Search-find-click- pay-delivered! Its that simple.... Except if you find a site that looks great but turns out to be dodgy. In this instance,Yup I found the dodgiest of the dodgiest. I REALLY wanted to buy Hubby a swank new esky to match his swank BBQ. Be the cool kid on the block-so to speak. I was thrilled when I found one online that could be delivered.

Search-find-click-pay-delivered. right?

WRONG- so wrong. What looked right, was so wrong. I waited and waited AND waited for this item to be delivered. I sent email after email AFTER email enquiring as to where it was. And true to form from a dodgy site, they ignored them.

Not withstanding the present buying was disastrous- I had also seemingly kissed $190 goodbye.


Morally this wasn't going to go down with out a fight. So I took out the big guns after they finally responded with "We have your product now in stock-would you like it delivered or a refund?"

Oh Gee, let me think about that for a whole 3 secs..... I WANT MY MONEY BOZO!

So plan of action was started- Police report-check! Consumer affairs- check! Both of which I emailed off  to them with a very stern "You are nothing but thieves,refund or trouble"

There was again a wait.Seriously who waits after being reported to the Police?  By this stage I had confessed to Hubby that I had no present and no money back.

End result after a few more emails was a refund. Happy days (phew)

Moral of the story, when searching for online stores, search for reviews first!!! I read reviews after the trouble started and found I wasn't the only one who wanted to poke them in the eye with a chopstick!

And to date, I still haven't got him a present..... oops.

click here for reviews :) It might just save you a headache! Reviews

Monday, 10 December 2012

Patience, excuse me what is that?

I admit I have very little or no patience when it comes to a lot of things. I like to make snappy decisions on the spot or to go with the flow. In decision drives me up the proverbial wall.

It would be perfect if you could just buy up a little patience for the times you really need it.

This past week I could have spent a fortune. I seemed to have none banked up and really needed a swimming pool full of the stuff to thrash about in. Kinda like jelly wrestling but without the wrestle and jelly...ok so nothing like jelly wresting, I just like the thought of going a little crazy in something that looks like fun.

Sooooooooo you ask... why was this patience needed? Thanks for asking, I am happy to let you know.


Just a quick word before the mexican waves starts in unison, I love her. She loves my children and is a very very generous woman. BUT.... (did you think there wouldn't be one?)

BUT- I also love my own space. And having anyone in my space for a length of time saps my patience. TOTALLY sapped I tell you.

Its been hot and the heat doesn't agree with her.So venturing out has been a little tricky. I also expect my guests to be just that- a guest. I don't want my house to be cleaned and dinner on the table every night. I know I can probably hear you saying "are you nuts, enjoy the break"

Its the space thing. My house, my space.

I am grateful for the woman she is- dedicated Mother and Grandmother :)

I just want my space back.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Crazy neighbour house #3.....

We always seem to be stuck with weird arse neighbours. None of the here's a cake -welcome to the neighbourhood type neighbours. I want cake dammit. I don't want weird arse any more. Actually we did have one set of great neighbours in house #2. I want to have them cloned.

The latest neighbour seems to think they own our driveway, well at least the portion of it that sits next to their little strip of council grass in front of their house. WEIRD? Yes!  You're probably wondering how I know they want to dictate our driveway- they move our bin. Uh huh, it sits on the left side of the drive waiting patiently for collection and every bin morning it has been moved to the right side of the drive way.

Now one things for sure, when its on the left it actually hurts no one. Its not  near their drive way or any in way obstructs their day to day living (or constant worry about my bin placement obviously) SO why do they move it?

I have emailed Council, to arm myself with relevant facts should they move on from moving my bin to nasty irate knocks at the front door. We have had that in the past from crazy neighbour at house #2 and its not fun.

So I wait, it could be a long one. Council can take 10 days to answer an email. There is another bin night in between now and then. Next week the bin will sit on our drive on the left. Next week I will awake to it on the right I am sure. It is petty I know,but until they grow some and explain why our bin on our driveway upsets their feng shui, its stays on the left. Two can play at this game,right?!

Follow up to follow....happy trails....

Friday, 16 November 2012

The four year old prattle..

My four year old is soon to be turning 5. He has suddenly gone from a sweet natured toddler to an opinionated young boy. I know it happens, my eldest did the same. Ironically his fav song at the moment is sweet sour by band of skulls- its fitting

Cue the "oh mum,seriously" comments!

All I want is a T Rex that looks like a T Rex!

Apparently my drawing wasn't up to scratch? Cue this boyo, I'm no Picasso..
For the record I think my drawing is Archibald a go go!
And the constant "ollie I've told you to listen, why don't you listen?"

My favourite at the moment though is when we are about to head out and I get the cool calm and collected- lets rock and roll!

Kids and the things they say. I have to laugh or else my head would explode.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Chicken dumplings....

Oh my! Dumplings of goodness yes indeed. So I had a hankering for dumplings after watching a cooking show on Foxtel. You know how cooking shows always make things look so easy? Well bingo, these were!

I Couldn't believe how simple, yet tasty these little morsels were.

So what's included you ask?

Wanton skins. Easily found at Asian grocers
Chicken or pork mince- 300g
Splash of light soy
Splash of fish sauce
Two French shallots or spring onions cut finely
Sprinkle of white pepper
Pinch of salt
Splash of rice wine
Handful of coriander chopped
Handful of mint chopped
1/2 egg white
Egg yolk to bind skins

So basically add all of the above to a bowl- apart from egg yolk- keep that aside to stick the skins when wrapping.

Once combined well- take a skin and place it on your palm. Add a small amount of the mix. Dab egg yolk around the edges and fold towards the middle making sure edges are stuck and the mix contained!

I used square skins. If you find round ones they can be simply folded over and crimped.

Grab your steamer. Lightly grease it so the wontons dont stick. Pop over boiling water and wait. In 8-10 mins these babies are good to go! Serve with soy or chilli dipping sauce.

You're guaranteed to flip over these. Look like a pro and serve them to your friends :-)

If you're after a naughty aspect they can also be shallow fried!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Waterland. Fun in the sun...

Friday was warm and Waterland was open! First off the bat, it's cheap! Cheap entry and that means cheap fun. I spent less than $20 for over two hours of solid fun in the sun entertainment!

We had the place to ourselves almost.
Lots of safe toddler pools and splashing fun was had.

If you're in Perth, get there!

Maylands Waterland

Monday, 5 November 2012

Twice cooked Chicken....

I did twice cooked chicken over the weekend, and it was again super easy. I totally forgot to take a pic, we must have been busting to eat!

SO....... go to the Drunken chicken all of that and then slice up the breasts...Make a little salt n ginger topping in your trusty mortar and pestle and set aside. I did chilli only because I didnt have fresh ginger!

Dust the slices in some rice flour. If you have not discovered rice flour yet-DO IT! Best non floury flour out there. Not gluggy, not heavy and definitely NOT floury tasting.... so once you have marvelled, dust away.

Then grab yourself some grape seed oil...uh huh, gets hot but doesnt soak things. A little goes along way.

Get your wok hot and shallow cook the dusted pieces of chicken (hence making them twice cooked!) it only takes a moment.

Serve up with the salty topping made earlier-and some veg and you have a new dish made out of a previous one! Yay for doubling up in every sense!

Friday, 2 November 2012

Seafood...yes we did...

I love seafood. Any seafood. Bar snapper, Snapper I will not eat after a very bad experience.

Anyhoo, smoked salmon and prawns,what a delightful combination.

Now just to calm peoples cholesterol levels, this is not the unhealthy cream beast is portrays to be!
Plus you can omit or add and not detract from the over all flavour combo. 

serves 2

1 packet of smoked salmon (you can buy salmon especially for cooking now,someone heard my prayers)
1 cup of prawns( I don't always add,but had them handy)
1 large leek
1 bunch of brocolini
1 cup of peas (if anyone hasn't guessed yet,green veg are my favourite)
250 grams of Penne pasta ( I think a think spaghetti would be prettier on the plate but hubby prefers penne)
Salt n Pepper to taste. I combine ground white pepper and cracked black pepper
1/2 cup vege stock
4 dollops Sour light cream
1 fresh lime-juice and rind grated finely.
Fresh Mint
Fresh Dill (omit if your name is Leanne)

Boil and cook your pasta according to the packet or until you can chuck it at your splash back and make it stick.

Fry off the Leek in a little Olive oil, add your veggies,seasoning and cook until your desired crunch is left.
Add Salmon
Dollop your sour cream and stir just before serving. Once your pasta is drained,keeping aside a little of the water,add the pasta and the splash of water to the mix and fold through.
Stir through mint and dill 
Parmesan to taste.

NOW, if the Light sour cream is not your thing-mix it up a little. Use the Philly cream for cooking. OR omit dairy all together for the lactose challenged among us and splash a little Olive oil through the mix before serving! If you can find a lemon infused oil,you'll be in heaven :)

Go your hardest, this has little prep and even less cooking time involved...definitely one for the nights everyone has sports practice!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Sites of Scitech.....

Today we went to Scitech...wowsers! I dragged my 3 and 4 year old with me. To be honest it was me that wanted to go. They didn't have a clue what it was really about. Can't say the same when we left though. There was a myriad of things to touch/smell/hit/press/look at.

This was in the small children's section-Discovery Land. A bubble machine that lit up! All the fun of bubbles with out the sticky mess. W.I.N!

Giant puzzles,all things fishy!

Infrared Camera! It was way cool but a little freaky at the same time. Border Security anyone?

My advice,if you ever visit Perth put Scitech on your wish list. You won't be disappointed.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012



Elefun has been born. Shadow box frames filled with fun!

Go here to purchase.

Disclaimer-fun not limited to Elephants. If a frog is more you style then a frog it shall be.

Drunken Chicken.....

Lets start by mentioning no chickens got drunk in the making of this dish,nor is there any alcohol involved so its completely ok to serve it to little ones.

Drunken chicken the cheats version, because who has all night to be idling at the stove....Not I said the Little Red Hen ...

So we start with a stock-hardcore recipes will call this a Master Stock....sounds impressive eh. I call it enough liquid to poach your breasts into succulent morsels of goodness!

Serves two-double triple etc for more

1 Onion
1 Carrot
Splash of sesame oil
2 1/2 cups chicken stock
Splash of soy (2 teaspoons)
Splash of fish sauce
Tablespoon of brown sugar
Tablespoon of Kecap Manis 
2 Chicken breasts.

Combine all of the above in a shallow pan that you can cover. Make sure the Chicken is covered in liquid. Simmer away until the chicken is cooked. Poaching is a winner with chicken breasts, its really difficult to dry them out. WIN!

I served with rice and greens. Choose what ever takes your fancy.

Ladle extra stock over before serving. Its yummy,fresh and healthy. If you're into the no carb thing,omit rice.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Nuts about Noodles.....

A follow on from my Larp inspired post. These Noodles were the BOMB !

The prep was very easy and quick! This dish is super speedy and super yummy.

                                                                       Thai Noodles

Chicken noodle salad(two serves)
60g rice vermicelli noodles
Roughly Shred cooked chook ( or steam some chook)
1/4 cup finely sliced shallots/spring onions
1/2 Lebanese cucumber thin sliced
3 tomatoes roughly chopped
1/4 cup mint and coriander leaves
1/3 cup coarse chopped roasted cashews(omit if anaphaliaxis is your thing)
2 tablespoon lime juice
3 teasponns fish sauce
1 teaspoon sesame oil
3 teaspoon brown sugar
1 teaspoon ginger grated fine
Mix together well
Noodles- pour in boiling water, stand two minutes. Rinsecold water, drain. Divide noodles into bowls Add chook, cucumber, tomatoes, topwith spring onions, cashews, mint & coriander. Dress with the dressing!

See? How EASY is that!

Go on, what are you waiting for, cook and EAT this little surprise package. You wont regret it

Thursday, 25 October 2012

larp as we know it....

I love to cook,whether it be for the family or friends or both. I don't always feel inspired though. Lets face it everyone at some point in time has thrown out the "What do you want for dinner?" question.

Some days thinking about what to cook comes easily, sometimes though its a struggle. To combat the wrangle in my head I make sure I have at least one staple in the fridge/freezer/pantry. Last night it was the mince staple,and together we made Larp!

Larp or Larb is a traditional Thai dish made with either chicken mince or pork mince. I'm not a stickler for rules though, so if you know your kids won't touch anything but beef mince,then who am I to argue!!
I am also NOT a well renowned chef,this has been adapted purely to suit my family tastes.( call it savoury mince if that is what floats your kids boats!)

Now traditionally this is a spicy dish, but if you refer back one step- rules shmules...spice it up at the end after serving the kids. Best not to create a burn injury before bed time (and after a glass of wine  who would drive to the local medical centre? Hmm)

So onto the recipe which is so easy you can do it with your eyes shut. Or open if again that burn factor worries you.
I also prefer to dollop and splash. I am hopeless at adhering to a written recipe and prefer to cook by taste. So if you see a dollop or a splash,dollop or splash!

Quantities for 4-add more or double if you're feeding the local footy team.
500g Chicken mince
1 Red onion-diced
1 bunch of Asapargus-cut up
1 Carrot-diced
1 cup of Peas
Handful of button mushrooms sliced
1 red Capsicum-diced
Coriander to garnish
Really any veg can be used here. I often make this to use up veg in the fridge.

Fish Sauce- 1 1/2 table spoons
Mint (either fresh or other although fresh is best)large handful
Sweet Chilli sauce-1 tablespoon
Brown sugar-2 teaspoon
Lime(again fresh is best but I always have a bottle of squeezy lime in the fridge!)1  tablespoon
A splash of water to mix through

Heat a small amount of oil in a wok,add onions and mince. Stir until cooked off.
Add the veg, again stir and cook (or shake around if you want to look like a pro!)
once everything is cooked and combined add your dressing-taste and dollop and splash to suit your tastes.

you should have enough dressing to coat without drowning it :) 

serve and garnish with Coriander-EAT!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Moving(without Grace)

So we took on the mammoth task of moving interstate. c.r.a.z.y

I remember my first thought to hubby when he proposed it- sure as long as I don't need to do anything. I had vowed never to move again when we moved just over two years ago.

Not. a. problem. He said.

And that's when the problems started......

Friday, 25 May 2012

When a name is not a name....

Ok,so my 4 year old has been invited to a birthday party. Yay how nice that he has been included in some Kindy friendships. I retrieved the invite from his pocket yesterday, at first glance everything appears normal. Apart from the scary looking clown...I stash it in my bag for later.

Whilst rummaging for something unrelated later (why DO we keep so much stuff in our bags? I swear I am set for an ice age style bunkering down with all my goodies) I find the invite. I skim over,yes we are free. Time and place, great just down the road. Phone number-check.

I then re read. HANG on a second. WHAT is the child's name? I see a name,but for the life of me have no idea what is says. It is not something that I have come across before and the handwriting is doing nothing to help.  The other major problem is no parents name, just a number. So what do I do? Ring and politely say thanks for the invite, we will see you there. Should I trump them, and not offer my name or who I am rsvp'ing for? Then we can all be in the dark together. I think  I am going to have to feign phone problems and "CScshhhhhhh" when I try and guess who we are replying to.

Wish me luck, I am going to need it!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Go forth and conquer or lag behind for reasons unknown...

I used to listen intently to my nanny telling me about how she used a "Copper" to wash her clothes. When I was little, this was interesting. As I got older and started washing of my own I realised how lucky we were. Sure the stories were great, but oh my goodness if I ever had to actually use one! Which brings me to my point. I was browsing an online appliance site, as you do when you don't actually need anything new, and came across a Twin Tub.

huh? Companies still make these? And then people buy them? What in the name of god for???

We have machines that do it allllllllll, heck there are even washer/dryer combo's meaning you don't need walk back into the Laundry until its finished/folded/put away! Ok I dream about the latter, but honestly why would you buy a machine that takes you back to the old Copper ways? Fill machine-wash-man handle-fill-rinse-man handle-spin-man handle (in batches)

I have one memory of a twin tub. My mother got given one on loan when her machine broke down. I do not remember a joyous woman softly singing away whilst waiting for the first cycle to finish... nuh uh. I remember water spilling, cursing, wringing of clothes, clothes going missing and alot of time spent in the laundry! The laundry was next to the cellar, now I understand why....

So I ask you, why are companies still making them for us to buy? Hello technology, we have MOVED on!

Friday, 11 May 2012

Kooky encounters of the nail polish kind....

So a pretty normal exercise has turned into a what the? moment. Nail polish, a fairly harmless beauty product right? Wrong! Mine is stuck, well half stuck. I'm going for that" it went on a few weeks ago and I've forgotten to take it off" look. Not forgotten, just didn't get around to doing it.

Today was the day, I even had cotton balls at the ready, and what I thought was a reliable brand of remover.

Not to be, no amount of cotton ball soakage would budge the polish! I contemplated for a second popping a new coat over the top, but we all know what result that gives you.

 I was left with patches and  tatty ones at that. I like to think I am down with a skinny latte or a no fat yoghurt, But I will never buy low fat remover again! (non acetone) It just doesn't cut the mustard when you're Keen to get it off ;)

On the cusp.......

On the cusp.....of, Greatness? Boredom? Reality? A star sign?

IF only! No siree,I am in fact on the cusp of 40.... 364 days until D day is here. Milestone birthday's are always a big thing right? Id be happy if only the last decade hadn't seemed to escaped my memory. I am not at the stage of where did I leave my car, or god forbid my children, but ten years have almost passed and I am not sure I remember where I put them.

I'll tell you what is loud and clear,  the grey hair yelling at me every 6 weeks. I have been told to embrace it. Hello? what is there to embrace? Its not cute and endearing. It is a blatant reminder of which side of life I am on. I wonder though, when do you stop? How long can you get away with dying your hair? Being 70 and grey less isn't a good look either... It is middle ground, or should I say, MID LIFE!

Crisis? Mid life.Not yet. I am going to embrace the next year, and hit the ground running when the big 40 clock ticks over.

Monday, 30 April 2012

The F Context...

Those moments where the F bomb is inevitably dropped....actually a few minutes ago counted as a moment when my  four year old decided to knock and spill a drink onto the laptop...never mind I shouldn't have had a drink near it.

This relates to the said four year old dropping his own F bomb the other Context. I have to admit, its never nice hearing a child swear, but if anything if its in context, you can at least laugh about it....on the side. Im still not sure what he has against Winter,but the mention of it was enough to broadcast that F bomb loud and clear!

I was sitting outside the other day watching my children play, it was a perfect Autumn day, sunny with a slight breeze.. when suddenly my four year old asked me what season came after Autumn. I replied Winter with out a care until out of his mouth came "oh F*$%" I asked him straight away what he said, with which he replied. I don't like Winter, its too cold. I have had a rule since number one came along, swear and soap will hit your tongue enough to taste it. So I had no choice but to drag him into the bathroom and dose him up. For the people that might be appalled by this course of action, its literally a dab...not enough to start foaming and acting all Cugo like.


I was secretly impressed with his sharp answer, there wasn't a stammer in sight. Quick thinking little ^&%$

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Disastrous number 2's.......

We are in renovation chaos....again. 3 years ago we had a fully renovated house that was perfect. 3 toilets to boot! How spoilt we were, 3 toilets, and at the time only 3 people needing those toilets.And then a surprise package came along which meant we moved out of our perfect house and into something bigger....equalling renovation chaos.

 Now we have one. And 5 people needing it. The bathroom that will service the children is in ruins, pulled out and in bits. Why you ask? Good question, we had every intention of putting the bathroom back together quickly. After all who in their right mind would pull something apart and not fix it?

Well........... other pressing projects surfaced...namely drainage issues that could put any plumber into a Merc faster than saying Xlotto. Dutifully over summer my husband dug, paved, spent copious amounts at Bunnings, all to make sure the water that fell from the heavens would be directed away from the house and disappear into the drains that head out to the blue we call the ocean! I admit he did a great job, perfect in fact. But the fact remains, we are still one toot down and now that Buddha  is trained, we have 5 people sharing that one toot.

Cue Buddha....he has done so well, training has been great...finally no more bottoms to wipe, Hooray!
But with this independence surfaces a naughty little boy who deems it necessary to stall in the bathroom and independently stuff as much toilet paper down the toilet as humanely not talking dainty sheets floating in one by one. Picture a solid mass ie a whole toilet roll full of paper wedged into the S bend!

oh god panic.....we only have one toilet, how long before one of us needs to go?......namely me as I cant water the lemon tree as innocently as the boys can....

I suggest tongs to Hubby.... he is worried about having to throw them out, I'm more worried about having to water the lemon tree  ..but nothing else is budging the mass that has been methodically pushed into the darkness of that bend. Tongs it is.....and fortunately they take hold and pull that mass out, freeing up the water that was threatening to spill over the bowl.

Crisis averted and the discussion of when the bathroom will be completed is had!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Brutal honesty....can we take it?

KIDS! and their honesty....

So I am trying out a new recipe...nothing terribly adventurous,but none the less a new one. I decided today to dust off the slow cooker. Its one of 'those' appliances....the sort that gather dust and take up precious cupboard space. I remember when I bought it I thought to myself how organised I would be....dinner ready by the time my husband gets home,and really with not much effort involved. Win win scenario....

Chicken, a whole one plonked in....couple of onions and some sweet potato, which by some feat hadn't walked themselves out of the pantry despite growing legs of their own. I had read somewhere once that slow cookers were great for using up any old veg you have in the house... I think I might be taking it to the extreme,but hey what doesn't kill you only you makes you stronger right?

It is cooking away nicely, doing what it should. It's not hard, you switch to auto and walk away! Thats right, walk away...I hardly know its there, sitting quietly in the corner of the kitchen doing what it should on auto.

My children have been happily playing outside for most of the day.....bless the autumn sunshine and all its glory!
Until......... their hunger pains hit and demands for snacks come left right and centre. My youngest have a 12 month age gap, and with it competition. So if one wants a snack,bet your bottom dollar the other does as well.

I prepare a snack, popping into a bowl their likes....simple....No! I want what he has.....I doooooo like them now.....

I tell my 4 year old he can follow me back into the house to grab the extra's he wants.....only to be hit between the eyes with a statement that has me doubting dusting off the slow cooker.....

WHO FARTED? he yells at me
I try and stifle my giggle. No one did sweetheart, its dinner cooking!

No mum, someone REALLY did fart,and its disgusting.... with that he turned on his heels and walked outside, leaving me wondering if my new recipe is going to be worth the auto switch this morning....

Monday, 2 April 2012

We are but human..........

It is amazing how different people can read into different things on the same subject. Im pretty easy going, not alot offends me, so when I see others offended by a seemingly un interesting topic it makes me think.

Do we take the soft approach and hide personality from people we dont know, or is it better to show bits and pieces occasionally, even if it might not be the 'correct' approach.....

hang about, where are the rules? 

I'd like to think there is a happy medium in there somewhere :)

let me know what you think? do you like knowing the person behind the name? or are flowers and rainbows all the time more your thing?

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Tights and undies on the outside...........

Do you have some one you'd happily pull out all stops to help? Go to the ends of the earth for? Ok maybe not travel quite that far,but you get my drift. I'm not talking about a partner or family,that's a no brainer in most instances. I'm talking about a friend, a bestie, a BFF!

I consider myself lucky, I have more than one who I would have no hesitation in helping if they called upon me. I wouldn't care how big or small the problem, they only need call and I would be there in a flash, in fact I could give a superhero a run for their money in speediness stakes.

Having a friend who is not happy is not on my list off things to just watch and let go. So capes and tights go on! Okk maybe not tights with the undies on the outside look, but I'd happily don a cape and a glittery mask!

Listening with out judgement, crying with them, laughing with them, having copious amounts of tissues on hand.

Life long friendships are not always flowery and fun. The hard yards crop up every now and then and its in those moments you realise who you would save in an instant if given the chance.....

Do you have a friend you'd save without hesitation?

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Flying High, Rex style

My husband does a bit of travel for work...normally just overnighters. I know of some women who cringe at the thought of their husbands going away.. Not me. I like the me time, slightly selfish but who doesn't?  

I don't cook when he is away....before anyone cries "what about the children?" The children get fed, I just don't cook husband worthy meals. 
I get to watch what ever I like on tv, and even take charge of the remotes for the night. The volume button doesn't go above 14! Crazy huh!

He normally sends a text when he lands, so it was no surprise when one came through....although this time I laughed...a real LOL..

"got here safely,although it was a bit like flying high" arghhhh apart from being one of my favourite movies of all time, he didnt elaborate.... flying high is funny, but has a serious message too....planes crash..

He flies into a regional area..we are talking a 30min trip if that. That doesnt stop the service though,and it seems Rex goes all out to make sure that beverage is served. On his last trip there was a lot of turbulence. This isnt uncommon in a small plane. On this day there was more than the norm.....He told me he was sitting up the back (rebel status!) and as the stewardess was making her way down the "I can just fit down the aisle as long as I dont breathe out" aisle the bumps picked up a notch! 

Everyone that has flown knows its tricky walking in a plane at the best of times. Pretty sure that's why they have small aisles,it acts like a buffer zone to bounce off.

The bumpity bump bump got the better of the stewardess and whilst she tried to diligently do her job, even to the point of pushing the drinks cart on her knees, she had to eventually abandon post and cancel service...much to the dismay of my husband who had been patiently watching her struggle with the cart.

Today he flew off again, and messaged that the flight had been fine,no first response "oh good, you got your beverage then?" 

He played it safe,and opted for drinks and bumps dont fair well ;)

Thank goodness they didnt serve the fish............

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Going against the trend

This picture has been floating around facebook. I am going to go against the trend and disagree to a point. Crazy,just plain silly of me? Yes and yes!
I admit I like crocs, ok so I dont own a pair at the moment, But I used to. They are THE best comfort shoe to ever be invented. My children live in them, I think between them they have about 6 pairs. My youngest especially loves his crocs, and takes wearing them to a whole new level. 95% of the time  they are on the wrong feet-Now tell me another shoe you can comfortably wear on the wrong feet??!!! You can't,because crocs are the ultimate squishy rubbery mould to your feet kinda shoe.

What other shoe can you take a morning walk by the beach type shoe to tackling the over grown jasmine in the garden without once taking them off......and if you get the annoying bits of sand or dirt in them, never fear you just hose those babies out!

Ok so they might not look great in an adult size,kind of like wearing a tyre on your foot, but as a kids shoe,super cute! I would be happy to say what a nice looking pair of crocs you have on....bucking the trend on ugliness!!

Rejoice and embrace a great invention,and if you really want praise for your selection, grab an accessory to bling those babies into NOW!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Remembering forgetful moments.....

We have all had them, days where you wake up and you know its going to be a Barry Crocker Shocker! Its the old, "got up on the wrong side of the bed moment" which for me could be any morning really. I still have one sneaky monkey who likes the midnight raid into our bed. I wouldn't mind if he didn't move once there, but he is one of these children who turns into a wriggly worm when asleep!

3 in the bed and the little one said, roll over, roll over plays in my head when I suddenly feel his little body bunker down in the space between my husband and I. I secretly love the fact he wants us in the middle of the night. One day he is going to be turning up his nose at the mere thought of me glancing at him, so while it lasts, I put up with it.

Sleep is often interrupted though. And a lot of mornings are foggy, and that is with out the aid of a night cap!

I admit I am not a morning person, never have been, never will be.....Night owl all the way "hoot!" but this habit does not favour well after having children and some days the self inflicted sleep deprivation takes it toll.

I forget things sometimes.... im sure we all do? Seemingly simple tasks need a degree to make them happen....IE. sending of a birthday pleased I remembered the date! I thought a few days later, card made-check, card sent-check, voucher included-check...all good.....Nope it wasn't all good...I had sent the card and voucher and completely forgotten to write in the said card! How embarrassment! Especially as I get a thank you phone call,and clarification that I didn't write in the card...

I've also had a positive forgetful moment. Nappies, they have been on my shopping list for years,you'd think by now it was so engrained I would be buying them long after we even needed them! My last baby was nearing toilet training and in the back of my mind all I could think of was happy times...more pee on the floor, but happy times. For a week I forgot to buy nappies, we were low and only had a pull up here and there left in the house. On a Saturday morning I went to change my son,and you guessed it, not a nappy to be found. EVERY single bag that has ever ventured out of the house was searched....nothing,nada zilch!

The positive after the panic, was last baby was growing up,and NOW!

I can laugh about it now. But I do hope this isn't a fore warning about further forgetful moments...

PS.....forgetting nappies worked a treat, he has been in jocks ever since and going great guns! it might not work for everyone, but I suggest a foggy morning to forget what you're doing to move on and upwards!

Monday, 27 February 2012

The day you wished the world would swallow you up...

Everyone has had them, although I am sure some dare to admit it...  The days where your children are set from the moment they wake, until the time they go to sleep,to make your day as difficult as possible! Not always difficult in the naughty sense. Some days can be difficult because they are like sponges,exploring their new world and sucking it all in!

I admit I am vocal,and it seems that this trait has somewhat rubbed off on my children. On one hand the endless questions are great. How can you learn if you do not ask?
On the other hand it can land you into tricky water, where treading for hours seems the only option.

On one such day I was taking my eldest shopping, he was about 3.5yrs old at the time and just toilet training. I make sure I ask the children before going out if they need the toilet. Lets face it it saves trying to do the public toilet dance when out.
We had travelled  almost the entire supermarket with out a care. I start a trend early on, dont ask for anything and you might receive. The majority of the time we have left the shop before they remember they didn't ask ;)

I had just started going through the checkout,and mind you it was one of those shops where the trolley was pretty full, so it wasnt going to be a 5 min scan pack pay and go go go scenario.
Suddenly a loud voice jolts me back from reality. MUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMM I NEED TO DO A POOH!!!!!

I'm thinking oh dear hurry up chicky,lets get a move on, my kid is going to burst! Its a little bit embarrassing hearing them scream, but even more so when they yell again, MUUUUUUUUUUMMMMM ITS COMING OUT!
No amount of coaxing my child into waiting was going to work, I stammered a quick so sorry we will be back and ran, with child to the nearest toilet.
Needless to say the results were not pretty and I was determined to NOT take those jocks home with me, so they were wrapped and popped in the bin, much to the horror of my child........

At the time I could have been swallowed up with after number three,and training again, I couldnt care less what they yelled. I do know though I would be beating down doors to make sure they sat their tiny bottom square on a toilet though!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Parental supervision tip #562

I admit I let my children play outside....hard to believe isn't it! They could instead be inside becoming a statistic in the world of tv and video games! Sometimes I only remember to check on them when it is too quiet...  But a simple lack of parental supervision has resulted in breakage. Nothing that can't be fixed hopefully,but the ramifications could have been worse. Henry is an honest soul, and can't go past telling me if he has done something wrong......

"Mum,sorry I have just broken the cubby house roof" I asked him how,and why was he climbing on the roof in the first place....

"Well, its a sunny day,but Ollie thought it was raining so I had to climb onto the roof to see if it was raining, and then the roof just pushed itself down. I think I was too heavy!"

ok so admission also leads to blame...this is common and normally leads into amazing details of how why and when!

I have told him he will need to let Daddy know its broken, he has frankly told me he wont,but will tell Daddy that if he can find really long nails in the shed, he can fix it!

The joys of boys...... and in reality its probably my fault for not being a helicopter parent this morning!

poor little verandah. I hope for Henry's sake hubby does have really long nails in the shed!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Imagine there was no TV

I think we are moving on to another phase.....I did a daring thing today. I un subscribed from the Wiggles! To be honest it felt quite liberating. No more hot potato in this house,and no emails to remind me of it either.

My youngest boys had a lovely day, the tv was off (sooooooooo quiet) and they put their heads together and made up a game. I sat back quietly listening. I didn't want to interrupt for fear they would stop. I spied on them and watched them being transported to another place.

For a good 20 mins they were magicians performing a magic show!! Ladies and Gentlemen,Boys and Girls...taking turns being the Magician and being in the audience. Clapping and supportive of each other.

 It was very professional indeed! Who ever said you need a big audience to make someone listen.....?

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

I have pins and noodles...

All of my children are quite animated,and I love it! I couldnt imagine a quiet house or no sense of humour to bounce around. They all 'get' jokes and try hard to create their own for fits n giggles. My middle child is sometimes in a league of his own. His thought processes are quite long winded,what will start out as a simple story soon turns into a monologue of 4 year old insights,...

Children say the funniest things! I can be in stitches listening to my children converse with each other.

For example, the other day in the car.... and whilst on that, the things they see from a car window?! whoa the commentary is astounding some days..

So he starts by asking what those words are.... dear child of mine who is sucking up knowledge faster that a dredging pump, Mummy is driving, and reading signs attributed to driving, I cant have any way of knowing what words you're talking about...
Why did the man at the bus stop have a hat on? What man,what bus stop? ohhh he has asked the question after passing said bus stop.... sweetie,im not sure,perhaps its the man's favourite hat!
How do you make the number 12... oh child prodigy, you ask so many clever questions.... 1 and a 2 darling. At which point my eldest decides to confuse him a little.... 5+7, or 10+2, or two sixes! I cut in, he is recognising what the numbers look like, not adding other numbers together!

A 20min car ride becomes a lesson in alot of things most days...and before getting out of the car my 4 year old states. Oh no, ill have to sit here for a while, I have pins and noodles.....

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Same same but different....

I have gone through it before,but it doesn't get any easier. My second baby will be starting Kindy on Thursday. Milestones as lovely as they are, are also a little tiny bit yuk! I'm not sure why I am phased, he already does one day a week at a lovely little Nursery school. He loves it,I love it even though he "misses me all day when I'm not there". If it wasn't for the cost of it, I'd do more days at the lovely Nursery school and skip Kindy all together!
Kindy seems to be a different kettle of fish....I cant put my finger on it and I wonder if my reservations are rubbing off onto him, as he seems as enthused about Thursday as a vegetarian going into a steak house.
I know he will be fine, after I detach his little nails that will become hooked into my neck, he will cry and then forget about me for the day. (I hope) I know I know, I just have to put on my big girl pants and deal with it!

My youngest will for the first time in 3 years have me to himself. He came bounding into the world so quickly after his brother, that I don't think either of us have had time to get over the shock! I need to discover once and for all who is this little man. He is so different on his own, with out his shadow by his side.

And so the year begins.... I do admit though I was a little relieved today as they all went back to school, as much as I love school holidays I was also screaming out for a selfish day.

Selfish Day? again with the crazy woman talk...why would I deem it as selfish?A whole day to think of no one but myself....

When was the last time you had a day to yourself?

Monday, 30 January 2012

Kindergarten politics......

When my eldest started kindy I had recently separated from my husband. It was a difficult transition for all of us and lot of changes had been made.  I then decided in all my wisdom to join the kindy committee. Simple request one would imagine....Yes you would think so...but the old adage of women together in one room vying for speaking rights soon turned the simple weekly meetings into a tussle for power. My friend and I used the meetings to share a bottle of wine and natter. Occasionally we would throw in a tid bit about how the kindy should run, or sneak in a yes to an informal vote about what ever they were going on about. I know the committee benefited the running of the kindy, so yes was the easiest approach to most topics. Plus id seen the balance sheets, no one was going to make millions even if there were dodgy deals to be done.

During the time on the committee it was decided we would hold a big fundraising raffle....Easy! donated prizes, tickets sold,profit our way....what could possibly go wrong....

She who had bad taste is what went wrong. I love handmade items,and support handmade. i do not how ever support bad taste. Bad taste lover was also a quilter. Each to their own as long as it stays their own. No...not to be, bad taste lover wanted HER quilt to be the main raffle prize! PPPPppaaaaalllllleeeeasseeee....we want to sell raffle tickets,not put people off buying tickets. Dont get me wrong, to some it might have been a beautiful quilt....but knowing the dynamics of our target audience, if won it would soon be donated or end up as a dog bed. what a waste..surely bad taste lover could keep it,after all the hard work put into it!!

Dynamics changed, it was soon very clear who would side with bad taste lover and that quilt....  she was showing a side that hadn't been seen before...snarly lip side,which teamed with her left over pleated jeans from the 80's made her look like a scary meadow lea ad, except no one was suggesting we congratulate her.

I decided then that school committees and a bottle of plonk with a friend couldnt be shared equally....something had to give.....

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Mothers groups

Life’s little mysteries……….
Mothers group, hands up who attended one?  I didn’t. I had the offer when I went to my child assessment at 6 weeks. Actually come to think of I never went back there again either. Why do the government insist we see a complete stranger with our babies? The appointment was made when I was in hospital, I don’t recall agreeing to it, but received a reminder in the mail asking for our attendance… It seems that when you open more than just your life after having a baby everyone needs to know what you’re up to! I remember to Child nurse being around 105…..well that might be an exaggeration, but I do remember thinking whoa, ever thought about retirement sister?
She was nice enough, and my son did the mandatory wee on her when the nappy came off, but a repeat visit was never going to happen.  I didn’t feel like she had any modern approaches to offer me, so I fobbed off phone calls and letters for what seemed like an eternity… Looking back in my baby book I was a bad mother…I had the all the immunisations done by my faithful GP,but it looks like my baby was weighed once….by the 105 year old busting for retirement!  Fortunately for me, out growing clothes was a very clear sign my baby was thriving! Phew common sense was alive and well.

I was even less convinced of this intervention after baby number 2. Ten years on things had progressed somewhat, they now offered a home based visit! I said to my husband why not, its like we have to drag the baby out for an appointment, and when you have a summer baby, thats a good thing right? So the nurse turned up...we sit, go through some paperwork and some more paperwork. I felt like it was the inquisition! What was the purpose of her visit again? After all the dotting of i's and crossing of t's and sign here etc, i think I might have just signed my baby up for government scheme that we don't yet know about. She was a nervous nurse and I got the strange impression not all households she entered were, lets say, conventional. That became more apparent when she apologised before asking us if we smoked marijuana on a reg basis. Actually she said dope, so I dare say some households she went into were pretty laid back !! we sighed with relief when she admitted she couldnt smell dope in the house, so we were declared sensible parents and she took leave..... My husband and I just laughed....what the? That was post baby care? whoa..... it almost called for celebration and a dutchy in the kitchen! if only we didnt have a new baby house in the house suffocating our partying on!

I also discovered after baby 2, I wasnt eligible to join a mothers group...No way, you had your chance,dont get greedy on us!
Good thing I guess..I just wasn’t into the’ sharing every detail of my life because I now had a baby syndrome’ Don’t get me wrong, some loved mothers groups and have forged true friendships out the encounters. I just wasn’t in a place where by I wanted new friends. I did end up doing play group, and that was enough!  There is a phenomenon after having a baby that some women seem to catch…. If you have ever been in a room with at least 5 women and their children you’ll understand. It’s the “ my baby can do that and more phase”  for eg…. During normal conversation of routines and how many bottles they can fit in on top of the solids they started WAY before recommended age because they were STARVING, starts the  getting one up on milestone talk. 
So I casually mention it is great when they start crawling isn’t it….Oh yes they all agree…. So what age were they? Oh around 6 months I guess….what, that late? cries one? Mine was practically crawling as soon as the umbilical cord was cut!! Drone… I tune out…no point in talking anything milestone with this one…her child will be a prodigy, I take note of the name and wait for the newspaper article announcing it. Seriously some women are our own worst enemies. It’s a baby, not a competition! And anyone with more than one, knows every child is different in every way J

Friday, 20 January 2012

When it all began

………. The joys of offspring.

Is that it?  What just happened in the last 3 hours that I should know about?  Was it an outer body experience? Do I believe that can even happen? Reality check… life just changed as I knew it.  It will never be the same again. I don’t remember entering  in to any sort of life time agreement, but I think by default it was signed sealed and delivered. Literally.

And so starts motherhood. In those brief moments afterwards does anyone really remember what just took place?  Sure, years later we casually talk about giving birth like we talk about grocery shopping. Some people manage to do it quickly, some take forever browsing the aisles,some choose a home delivery. But do we really manage to take in what transpired during those hours preceding the delivery? I don’t think we do, why else would we go back for seconds or thirds and so on. There is a simple answer, women are crazy.  I don’t mean in a manic out of control head spinning Linda Blair moment, I mean in the sense that we can experience a situation that at the time is the worst in our lives, promptly forget about that situation, and then plan to do it again! Who on earth plans an event they know is going to be awful? I know I know, plenty of flowery births have been had, but dive a little bit deeper into those stories, even the flowery ones hurt.
So I go home, the event has passed, flowers received, well wishes sent. All of that could be perceived as the flowery moment,and whilst at the time it is, the reality is I go home. I go home with an extra. Some are lucky enough to go home with two or more. Yes I am crazy, as women we are crazy.
I remember that drive home, knowing that the extra was going to be an extra for a long time. I was now responsible for another. Was I even responsible for myself? I wasn’t so sure. I think the drive home took at least 4 hours, of course it was only a 20min trip, but when you have a new extra, carefully does it right? Reality check, the extra precaution in driving home is because sitting for longer than 10 mins in one position is still near on impossible. Flowery births still hurt.
Now what?  The baby is asleep. What was I meant to be doing? Isn’t motherhood hectic? Isn’t that what people tell you? Prepare to be the busiest you have ever been. Life as you know it has gone forever.
The baby is still asleep. Am I meant to wake it? You’re not meant to wake a baby are you? I will let it sleep. For how long though? Did anyone tell me that? I check my bag for the imaginary handbook I am sure the nurses packed for me before leaving. It’s not there, which means I need to find common sense. Please  tell me that at least got packed and came home with me…

Common sense.  Just when you think you have none, it comes bounding through the door like a 3 year old on a sugar rush.  I think that it could do with a revamp though. I need common sense version 1.10. The common sense of old didn’t have to deal with an extra. The extra needs new age common sense. It needs it to be mixed with a mothers intuition for it to work.

No one, and I mean no one can prepare you for that first sleepless night, that first exploding nappy or that first crying session. I started thinking my mother’s intuition had taken a holiday with common sense. I bet where warm  cocktails flowed freely. I wanted a cocktail. I couldn’t have one though, I was breastfeeding, which reminds me. I read the books. I got educated on this stuff prior to the extra turning up. Why then did the books not mention that breastfeeding is likened more to a rabid dog biting your arm off than the soothing bonding experience they talk about? Don’t get me wrong, I was bonding and soothing, but that rabid dog wasn’t ever too far away in those early days!
And so as the crazy woman I am, I persevered and pushed through. What else could I do? Someone else is relying on you. I wish sometimes they could rely on someone else especially when it comes to exploding nappies. Aren’t these nappy developers up with exploding poo? If so, why does the nappy not catch it? I have come to the conclusion it is a conspiracy in conjunction with washing powder suppliers. I suddenly knew why 7 kilo washing machines were on the market, and that they weren’t just for king size quilts! 
The first few months were really a blur, and even though the breastfeeding kept me away from the holiday cocktails I so desperately wanted, the lack of sleep was keeping me in a similar frame of mind. In fact I think when I gave birth, they took my brain instead of the placenta. Suddenly simple sentences were proving to be difficult with words and phrases sounding more like a new language being discovered. Of course this language I could completely understand, even if no one else could. My growing baby was babbling and I understood every single babble.  I thought it was ironic that this babble was made just for me, and I was so pleased seeing as no one else understood my baby brain talk anymore! That’s another thing the books don’t teach you. They never tell you that your brain will be wired differently afterwards. Simple tasks aren’t so simple anymore.
I did learn quickly though a new skill. It compensated nicely for the re wiring that had taken place. I learnt that one arm was all that was needed. I could literally do everything now with only the use of one arm. The glorious free arm that was without child. The arm that was now destined to be the sole provider of any sort of freedom. Should this arm fail me, nothing will get done around the house.  I suppose I could put the baby down and free up my other arm, but ive now got quite good at forgetting the baby is there and just using my free arm. After all, we were blessed with two, we may as well put them to good use! I did discover though, not everything can be done with one arm and the baby had to find a new spot.
And so I bought a device. A baby rocker. Seeing him sleeping so peacefully in it made me think why don’t they make huge ones for adults. I wouldn’t mind kicking back in a rocker, dozing the afternoon away. I would need those holiday cocktails though. They didn’t seem too far away either. Someone forgot to tell me that some babies aren’t good at breastfeeding and instead prefer to scream all afternoon.
I did wish this particular afternoon I hadnt packed away the baby gifts a little more methodically. I blame the re wiring again. I was busy searching for a bottle and a sachet of formula I was sure was in a gift basket we had been given.  Why is that I can find everything else I might have been looking for in the last 12months, but not what I am actually after?
The screaming continues. I think now I should probably call the EPA and see if they can give me a decibel reading. I’m waiting for the neighbours to turn up. Surely they must be thinking it’s worse that it really is? It definitely sounds bad. Although by now I am deaf and its sounding more like noise  underwater than the high pitch it really is. How can such a small being produce such a huge noise?  I am presuming it is in the same realm as their exploding nappies. Never let your guard down, not even for a second, or wham, you’re knee deep in poop.  I really think the hospital should send you home with washable scrubs, head to toe for those moments. I would have happily paid for such an outfit. I would have happily paid for a space suit, with full head gear. No smells, no noise. Any way, I digress I was searching for a bottle and formula to hopefully fill an ever hungry belly that was my breastfed child. I eventually find it, read the instructions, and most likely forgetting to steralise the bottle. I didn’t care by this stage. My ears were ringing and my child was exhausted after putting out noise that would easily fill an auditorium.
I was now in shock, he drank the whole lot, and then slept peacefully for four hours. Four hours straight! I had to double check I had in fact given him formula and not the old horricks that had been sitting in the pantry since 1994.

And so the light bulb goes off.  All the books you read, all the stories you were told may not in fact help  every situation you come across! Parenting is a mystery,and one that is not easily solved.
Every child is different,this is the main mystery to uncover. What may work for one,may not work for another. What book can teach you that? You don’t know this until you go on to have more. Refer back to the crazy lady status. We go on to have more.
Every child adds a little extra dynamic to your family life. Every little being in your life adds another grey hair,wrinkle or sleepless night. But we wouldn’t change it would we? What would there to be to talk about? After all, as soon as you have kids, conversation naturally goes back to them time and time again.